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Ultimate All-Round Sanitiser

Ultimate All-Round Sanitiser – Use it wherever you are, and everywhere you go

With the news that the Coronavirus will be here for some months, there has never been a more critical time to tackle cross-contamination

X-Mist Ultimate All-Round Sanitiser is a new, compact spray that’s perfect for all environments and ideal for people who are constantly on the go and need to protect themselves (and others) from harmful viruses and germs.

This multi-use sanitiser is up to 99.999% effective and will destroy the potentially life-threatening coronavirus, COVID-19.

Its unique formulation works quickly to deactivate microorganisms and reduce bacterial counts on hands and all surfaces.

X-Mist Sanitiser Benefits: 99.999% effective

  • High-quality formulation contains up to 90% active ingredients to kill harmful germs & viruses
  • Sanitise surfaces including door handles, handrails, desks, keyboards, screens and more
  • Shop with confidence knowing your trolley or basket handle is hygienic and safe
  • Use in vehicles to keep steering wheels, gear sticks and other touchpoints sanitised
  • Softening ingredients are gentle on the skin and hands are clean, healthy and germ-free

How Safe is your Environment?

It’s frightening to think that a single doorknob could potentially be the cause of a
widespread illness in the home or workplace. In fact, new research has showed that
within two to four hours, virus and germs lurking on a doorknob was picked up by
40 to 60% of people who touched it.

The regular supermarket shop is now also a breeding ground. Viruses and germs are
lurking everywhere, from your shopping trolley or basket handle to the counter and
checkout. Even on exit, the door handle and petrol pump are potential hazards.

Using a highly effective sanitiser reduces microbial counts that could infect you, your
family or co-workers with not just COVID -19, but with many other germs and viruses.
In order to keep yourself and your home safe, plus, ensure your workplace is a healthy
and thriving environment, it’s critical that you consider the health of everyone around you.

Providing an all-round sanitiser for employees, at desks and in communal areas, is just as
essential as supplying the right tools and equipment to do their job.

Use X-Mist Ultimate All-Round Sanitiser to bring increased confidence at your workplace
and help staff feel reassured and confident that you are doing all you can to protect
everyone from potentially life-threatening viruses.

After all, we have virus protection on the computer, so why not provide it for your workforce?

All-Round Sanitiser from X-Mist

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