How To Use Car Disinfectant Safely: A Step-by-Step Guide

22nd February 2022

Whilst COVID-19 numbers are on the decline nationally, there is still the need to take the necessary precautions to ensure you and those you care about stay safe and healthy.

One such precaution is keeping your car adequately sanitised. With more and more people returning to office work, and schools back to pre-lockdown numbers, the time spent in transit is on the rise.

Using the X-Mist vehicle sanitiser and deodoriser ensures your vehicle is germ-free, leaving nothing behind but a clean fresh smell.

The sanitiser remains active for up to 7 days after use, killing 99.999% of all germs, including SARS-CoV-2. The vehicle’s entire air conditioning system is sanitised in the process, destroying any persistent smoke or nicotine smells.

The most effective atmospheric sanitiser and deodoriser on the market, X-Mist gives you unmatched cleanliness and peace of mind.

For those in the taxi or trucking industry, car dealerships, or businesses providing company cars, this offers an ideal way to keep your vehicles safe and sanitised despite consistent use. X-Mist is fast-acting, completely sanitising a vehicle in under 30 minutes. It is specially designed to disperse throughout the vehicle and disinfect those hard-to-reach and otherwise overlooked spots.

The perfect accompaniment for any business vehicle on the road, X-Mist is sold in single cans and in palettes.

Similarly, if you’re a parent with to-and-from school duties, or part of a work carpool club, there has never been a better time to reduce the risk of infection and give your vehicle a complete and comprehensive clean.

How to use X-Mist vehicle sanitiser and deodoriser:

  1. Read the instructions printed on the can.
  2. Ensure all of your windows are closed and start the motor.
  1. Turn on the air conditioning, set it to recycle mode and make sure the fan is set to the lowest setting.
  1. When you’re ready to sanitise the vehicle, shake the spray can well for 30 seconds before placing it in an upright position on a small towel or cloth in the back footwell. Be sure to remove any obstacles that may be in the path of the spray. If the vehicle is a two-seater, place the can in the front footwell. For trucks, place it in the centre of the cab. Adjust the front seat to the most fully forward facing position, with the headrest nearest to the dash as possible
  1. Remove the cap and press down firmly on the total release button until you feel it click into place. At this point the spray can will automatically empty its contents (note that once this button is locked, the distribution of the contents cannot be stopped).
  1. Exit the vehicle, close the doors and let the can do its work.
  1. After the spray can has emptied, let your air conditioner run for another 15 minutes.
  1. Open the car doors, turn off the engine and let any vapour escape completely. If any residue is present after the sanitisation, you can simply wipe this away with a clean cloth. Please dispose of the used X-Mist can in a recycling bin.

Your vehicle now has seven days of active germ control, and you have the knowledge that you and your family or work force are a lot safer. For added protection, the X-Mist Ultimate personal sanitiser is effective on all environments and ideal for people on the go, or when there is no water and soap available.