What’s lurking in your vehicle’s air con system?

What’s lurking in your vehicle’s air con system?

Air-conditioning systems draw external air into the air cooling system, yet despite the existence of filters, mould spores, organic and inorganic matter find their way into the ducts, tubes and ventilators that combine to supply treated air around the interior of the vehicle.

Vehicle air-conditioning systems can be contaminated with bacteria over time. This build up leads to lingering bad odours and poor air flow.

Due to rapid cooling that occurs when the air-conditioning is switched on, condensation forms on the interior surfaces of the air distribution system, providing a damp environment that supports the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. These can contribute to unpleasant, stubbourn odours within the vehicle along with, for example, spores from the growing organisms, which can contribute to asthma and other respiratory conditions.

X-Mist Vehicle is a simple to use, one shot application that requires no additional equipment, or any elbow grease.

A propellant inside the can sends out a fine mist of powerful, disinfecting active ingredients (Tested to BS EN 1276 and BS EN1650) that disperses throughout the area, effectively eliminating all odour-causing substances.

The inside of air-conditioning systems and vehicle interiors are left sanitised and protected against further contamination, plus a fresh fragrance lasts inside the vehicle.

X-Mist Vehicle air conditioning sanitiser and deodoriser